Leadership strength, personality traits and political mishaps in Nigeria
S K Balogun
University of Ibadan
M S Ajayi
University of Ibadan


Leadership strength
Personality trait
Political mishaps
herdsmen killing
political stability

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Balogun, S., & Ajayi, M. (2018). Leadership strength, personality traits and political mishaps in Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Social Psychology, 1(1). Retrieved from https://nigerianjsp.com/index.php/NJSP/article/view/11


The paper examines the current crises perpetrated by “herdsmen” in the Northern part of Nigeria with emphasis on the role that leadership strength, personality trait and specific sociological factors play at resolving political mishaps and ensuring political stability. Nigeria, a nation with great prospect and natural resources as at its independence has experienced varying degree and level of political insurgencies noteworthy is the Niger Delta agitation, Bokoharam insurgency and the prevailing herdsmen killing and annihilation in the North Central. This mishaps has somehow greatly affected the lives of the Nigerian citizens more especially due to the perception that most citizens hold about how the crises are been handled by the leadership in place. The paper employs psychological models and theories in explaining issues of political mishap by looking at the personal characteristics of those in leadership and how it buffers the situation. The pervading situation on ground is gaining and acquiring negative momentum as the report of loss of life and properties, displacement of persons and psychological distress are becoming increased. All of these call to question the strength of leadership at mitigating the problem and prioritizing the people’s security and also brings to fur the unique personality type of a leader that can help bring such mishaps to the barest minimum. This paper is therefore a call for behavioral change and modification in leadership style taking cognizance of unique personal characteristics of those in leadership with the ultimate goal of ensuring safety and stability in Nigeria.